The husband’s office event for national day. This isn’t what we do all the time, life abroad isn’t always red and white helium balloons tied with ribbon. We’re all smiling but in all honesty, my toes were f@&$ing killing me in my heels, the pain having begun hours before. Sorry to those who came to say hi and I didn’t (couldn’t) stand up. Heels are only meant to maim and torture. My kids were completely bonkers as they were hours past bedtime; minutes after this shot, one had a meltdown. Today they are down with colds. This was the first time the entire day I stood next to my husband as he was running around the entire duration of the event and again after we took this picture. He barely ate. And please this is probably the only time the entire year that I will look (or smell) this good. I went through three up dos before deciding that this would have to do. Any other day I’m crouching under the dining table sweeping up crumbs and my make up has all but melted off my face. #foreal (and half the guests left midway without saying goodbye or thank you… #walau ) #kids #family #gratitude #oniongarlicginger (and psa btw, no we don’t get priority at international schools, no international school in the world does this except for their own nationals. Thanks)

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