We’ve been in Jeddah for exactly two months now, and despite not having our things with us yet, we feel like we’ve begun to settle in to our temporary home.  We’ve made certain supermarkets our favourites, we’ve sussed out some places to snack at, we’ve tried now two modes of ‘public transport’ and decided which we like best, we’re settling slowly but surely.

front yard is sad but we're trying to get it happy

front yard work

I am currently obsessed with trying to revive the plants we inherited in the small front yard, a hibiscus and a bougainvillea.  Through a little reading, I have discovered that a magic ingredient typically found in pharmacies might just do the trick – magnesium sulphate, or otherwise knowns as epsom salts.  Something I easily found in Delhi, I’m surprised that the two pharmacies we tried last week didn’t stock it.  But then, nutmeg is banned here so I’m not sure what’s normal anymore. Read More →

I feel a bit bashful for putting up a recipe for Chicken Rice.  There are countless versions on the internet, many handed down from mothers or mums’ mums, others gleaned from chefs who sell chicken rice for a living, and most written by Chinese, and rightly so because Chicken Rice as we know it is Hainanese in origin.  And if you didn’t know (though I’m sure you do.  Right?) the Hainanese are Chinese.

But here I am, this Malay chick who looks sort of Chinese, whose accent has an identity crisis, who’s spent more than half her life away from her non-birthplace of Singapore, is going to share with you her version of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

At this point, I’m writing this post to myself because I’m sure at the end of that last paragraph, anyone reading would have shut their browser tab on me.  So I console myself that this post is for me to remember, for posterity, for my children when they’re grown, given I’m still around to pay for my domain. Read More →