It’s Ramadan in Jeddah, and we have no car.  What this means is that we don’t have the option of heading out for iftar when everything is said to come to life.  In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan sees the closure of all the food shops during the day, til about 4 or 5pm when they open and ready themselves for the throngs of people who want to break their fast just after 7pm.  It’s at this point that all the shops and all the eating establishments remain open through most of the night until it’s time for the last meal before sunrise, and people head home to fast for the rest of the daylight hours and presumably to sleep.  It is in the night that bazaars, and markets and events are held, and the day sees a very sleepy town instead.  Having said that, the embassies still function, albeit for shorter hours, which doesn’t leave us much leeway in terms of exploration since we are awake for most of the day, as are the office drivers, who also fast.  So to request for the driver to bring us out to get dinner for iftar strikes me as unkind as they would be breaking their fast in the car, without their family, or on the road.  My point is, this is a bit of a shame because this is a city filled with burger joints from the US, burgers that we can actually eat! but we can’t because there are still two weeks left of Ramadan.  That’s right, we’ve got all out priorities sorted.

Since arriving in Jeddah, I’ve been dying to go back to The Counter burger joint at Stars Avenue in the north end of Jeddah.  But, and I wail, we have no car!  Right now, they’re closed in the day, only open at night, I refuse to overwork the driver, we have no car to drive ourselves, and getting an Uber at iftar time may not be guaranteed, so what do we do?  Attempt a recreation in the kitchen.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I wasn’t looking for any particular recipe, but because I love the Serious Eats blog and they had a fantastic entry on the In n Out Double Double Animal Style Burger, I decided to follow that.  I’m not going to write out the recipe for you, you just have to head to their site for that and it’s a fabulous read, as always.  What I will do is give you a bunch of photos as to the steps and assembly.  It’s actually dead easy, because Kenji from Serious Eats already did all the math for us (ratio of mayonnaise to ketchup anyone?  Fat content of mince?)  I’d say the most difficult part was opening my mouth wide enough to get a good bite because it’s a double burger.  Hard work.

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I’ve never eaten an original west coast In n Out myself, let alone stepped onto American soil, so I can’t say that this was close to the original.  But I can say that it was pretty damn good, because really, what can go wrong when you combine mustard, cheese, caramelised onion, and a beef patty.  NOTHING.


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