Cottage pieThe first time I ever ate cottage pie was in my teens, when my sister was living in her University dorm.  She’d make cottage pie often, inspired by her cooking-with-a-microwave cookbook.  Thinking back now, I can’t fathom why she couldn’t have just bought regular mince, but instead chose to use burger meat.  I didn’t complain then, I thought it was the bees knees.  But now, ramly burger meat for cottage pie..?  I remember vividly the use of a cast iron wok, and lots of stabbing with a heavy metal spatula to break up the burgers into ‘mince’, as it thawed and cooked from frozen.  And then throwing in lots of frozen mixed vegetables.  The topping would be mashed potato with cheese to cheat getting the potato to brown.

For years after, cottage pie , and shepherd’s pie sunk into the recesses of my memory.  Until. Read More →