I started this post in Singapore, but only completed it two weeks later, after only typing out the first three paragraphs!  We are now residing in the middle east, but pretend as you read won’t you, that we are speaking to you from Singapore!

In anticipation of leaving Singapore and being unable to eat our favourite foods for a long while, we recently allowed ourselves the indulgence of stuffing our faces.  Then the day of our departure rolled round and because of a technical glitch, or stupidity perhaps, however you want to look at it, we did not leave, and so we find ourselves still in Singapore but with seven large suitcases, two smaller ones,  and really, nothing else.  This could be worse, at least we have a place to stay.  The result of having an empty house and the uncertainty of our next departure date which could be next week, tomorrow, or next month, is more eating out, and some frozen dinners.

So over the course of a few weeks we have eaten at, The Sushi Bar, Rumah Makan Minang, I Am, Nur Ilham Nasi Padang stall, Curry Times, Thohirah at Jalan Kayu, and were particularly surprised by one TV dinner we had. Read More →