parsley and coriander

This post was inspired by my husband.  I have on a few occasions asked him to please help me buy coriander, or at other times, flat leaf parsley at the supermarket.  Understandably, he gets very confused once he’s standing in front of the herb shelf.  He’ll call me and ask, what is it called again?  Chinese Parsley? or Italian Parsley? Huh? Small?  And so we go back and forth trying to figure this out, and he’ll eventually come home with the wrong herb.

In our kitchen, I would most often use the three herbs you see pictured.  From left to right, I understand them as Coriander leaf, Chinese Parsley, and Flat Leaf Parsley. But.  In the local supermarkets, they are labelled on the packets as, from left to right, Chinese Parsley, Celery Chinese and Italian Parsley.  The hand you see pictured belongs to my two year old, so she’s your size reference. Read More →

I thought Jamie Oliver’s way was the best way, because he’s Jamie Oliver, halving the pomegranate, and whacking it on the back with a wooden spoon while holding the cut surface against your fingers.

No.  It’s not the best.  It’s messy as hell.  And because the kernels start bursting, when you put them on your food or in your yoghurt, it stains everything red.

Then, I saw it on Pinterest.  Genius! Read More →