The last few weeks have been spent struggling with the dilemma of what lunch to pack for the kids since at this time of writing school starts in two days.  If they liked the same things this would be easy, but turns out they don’t.  One likes easy-and-fast-to-eat food with simple, straightforward flavours and is generally averse to anything being too hot (basically all cooked food), while the other prefers warm food that is packed with flavours and moulded against a carb base like rice or noodles.  On top of all this, the school does not allow any nuts or chocolate, so nutella spread is out (not that it was very nutrient dense to begin with but still..) as are granola bars and peanut butter and brownies and chocolate chip cookies and oreos and cupcakes and just everything in my world.

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Okay, so i’ve shared this before on facebook, but I’m in the mood to share it again.  I’ve seen a few articles extolling the virtues of schooling kids early, but am still not convinced, not because of a personal bias (okay maybe because of a little personal bias) but because these articles are putting it too simply and not giving the entire picture.  In the words of author Ben Goldacre, “it’s a bit more complicated than that”.  It’s not just about how well they stay abreast in the first year or second year of formal school, it’s got plenty to do with other factors in the child’s life running up to that point and beyond.  It’s like Nutrition; it’s not just certain foods that will increase or decrease propensity for cancer for example, one has to factor in lifestyle and stress and positivity as well, excuse me but these things count.  Do you really think that eating a lot of acai berries everyday is going to stave of cancer? (I made that up by the way) It’s just not that simple.

(bitter much?  Yeah, I’m a little fed up)