assam pedas serving suggestionAssam pedas is one of those staple dishes that feature in a Malay family’s regular home menu, and quite typical of Malay cooking in that its main ingredient is CHILLI.  Go to any Malay food stall in Singapore, and you will see it sitting there as an option for you to put on your rice.  And, if you think this is along the lines of chilli con carne you are mistaken.

When I first ate chilli con carne as a tween in my school food fair (international food fairs are a regular feature of many International schools and always eagerly looked forward to each year!) I was confused; for something called ‘chilli’  I felt no heat at all.  And I am not one of those hardcore chilli eating individuals either.  Why is chilli con carne called chilli??  I don’t know, maybe it really is supposed to blow your head off and perhaps I simply didn’t eat an authentic rendition.

Assam Pedas on the other hand is made with real chillies, and will blow your head off. Read More →