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I took this photo after we finished our meal, because to our surprise, it was actually pretty darned good.

Okay so it wasn’t in a restaurant, and no, it’s not going to taste like you’re in Bangkok just because these were manufactured in Thailand, but seeing as these were about $7 for two packs in the frozen section of NTUC, they tasted authentic enough, so we say go and buy them.

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The flavours were close to the real thing, and we were most impressed with the rice, it was fluffy and fragrant!  Whaaaat!  This is a frozen dinner for $3.50 a head, the rice is supposed to be awful and sit like lead in the stomach!  No.  No it wasn’t.  It was truly proper rice (I’ll say it again, whaaaat?!)

The only tiny complaint I had was that the basil chicken had gravy and it was orangey-red, which if I remember correctly from eating in Thailand, it shouldn’t have been.  Still it tasted good, and I theorise that it is this wet to guard it from freezer burn.  Apart from that, we felt the flavours were close to being spot on, and we both very deeply felt that this would beat a lot of those popular halal coffee shops that purport to serve up Halal Chinese-Thai Cuisine, but really are highly overrated.  Why people rave about them I will never comprehend, don’t waste your money, they are not, NOT authentic.  This is cleaner, faster, hotter, convenient and actually tastes fairly close to the real thing.  No wonky ketchupy, chilli saucy sauces, no over doing the corn starch, no cheating on proper vegetables (yes the green curry had those miniature aubergines/brinjals!).  Much, much better than the famous coffee shop near our flat in Singapore.  Yup, you know which one I’m talking about.

Too lazy to head out?  Own a microwave?  Feeling cheap? Don’t want to completely disappoint your taste buds?  Go to NTUC now.

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